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ADVENTURE DOG BOARDING on a wildflower seed farm, haven for all creatures

The home of Doggie Dude Ranch is also the home of Holland Wildflower Farm.  We share our focus here from providing habitat restoration and garden seed, and native plant landscape consultations to daily care of dogs.  But we do this with some very special care providers.

We have some excellent handlers who are totally devoted to dog care and entertainment.  Qualifications involve people who truly LOVE DOGS, and their patient understanding of each dog specific to their time here with us.  It is not an easy task but we are establishing short term dog packs so that all dogs can be in concert with their dogness in a safe predictable space.  We handlers are the alpha figures in those packs.  We have the responsibility of getting to know each dog and where s/he will be the most calm and content.  It takes time and experience and also the right human temperament to create these conditions.

If you are interested in learning more about how we think about dogs, we recommend the principles of many experienced agencies and training methods like How To Be your Dog’s Best Friend, by the Monks of New Skete. Our favorite dog whisperer is of course Cesar Milan.  His Leader of the Pack series is great.  But our specialty is dog socialization to help your dogs be happy with other dogs in a beautiful serene new place under expert dog care.

Happening 365 days a year.  Since 2007.

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Our Story

Unique Concept & Loyal Clients keep us alive

Doggie Dude Ranch

We opened Ernie Boudreaux’s Doggie Dude Ranch in 2007 after Bob Holland agreed to fence off and customize our bunkhouse barn for dog care and living quarters.  Bob does all the grounds maintenance and facility repairs, all while he worked full time at University of Arkansas Plant Pathology.  Recently retired to pursue his love of plants and photography and most of all music, Bob is a key person in keeping up the walking trails in the acreage around the ranch where we walk the dogs daily.

Sheena Livingston is our head dog handler.  With eight years experience here and many years of experience in professional dog care.  She has had thousands of hours of exposure to all types of dogs and dog behavior.  The dogs adore Sheena and we hope you will enjoy her experience and her positive look at even the most challenging dog situations.

Julie is the one who answers the phone and keeps the schedule.  Her idea of a free-play boarding facility in a safe rural setting was the launch of a new kind of dog focused care in NW Arkansas.  Our location is off the beaten path but the idea has brought us so many dog owners looking for a true vacation for their dogs.

You, our clients have helped to keep this business alive in the most challenging years since 2007 by your loyalty and your references.

Thank you.