Hours and Policies


All dogs must come for a FirstVisit/Orientation before they board with us. This visit is day of dog care so we can evaluate your dog’s temperament here at the ranch. We also complete your dog’s history file including vaccination records from your vet, each dog’s profile, our boarding legal agreement and any specifics about care on the dog reservation form.

Most dogs love the company of other dogs, and this gives your dog a chance to get to know our handlers and our routines so that when you leave her or him with us in the future, she will be all ready to rejoin the fun!

**If you do not make a reservation at the time of your dog’s visit, we will keep your records active for 60 days, and then we will need new forms and vet records. Disqualifying behaviors for free play boarding include fence jumping, aggression toward handlers or other dogs. We found most dogs do well in our safe, serene, free-play, country setting. Also, the initial orientation/evaluation is free. Please make sure your dog has had some positive exposure to other dogs and is not aggressive. Any aggressive behavior to handlers or other dogs will disqualify them from our facility and services, and you will need to pick up your dog if needed.

We require a veterinarian certificate indicating proof of vaccination for Rabies, DHLPP, and Bordetella. We require the Bordetella vaccination be administered at least once per year. If other vaccinations are required we will let you know. At this time these are our requirements. Rabies shot is required for dogs over 4 months. Puppies who are too young to receive rabies vaccination will
be admitted with their puppy shots (a series of vaccinations at 8 weeks, 12 weeks, and 16 weeks to protect against canine diseases including distemper and Parvo).

Temperament Testing for All Dogs (Protective Breeds are screened carefully):
All dogs are temperament tested on their required First Visit/Orientation Day to make sure they are friendly with handlers and other dogs in our ranch environment. Some breeds are NOT normally suitable for free play with other dogs, but sometimes with proper socialization and exposure to other dogs, they will fit in with our free play temperament standards. These breeds include but are not limited to Staffordshire, Pit Bull Terriers, Doberman Pinschers, German Shepherds, Siberian Huskies, Malamutes, Akitas, Belgian Malinois, and other protective or attack breeds. They will be screened with greater scrutiny and caution than other breeds. If you would trust your dog unsupervised in a yard with 7 or 8 other dogs not familiar to him/her, then there is a chance they may be suitable. We trust owner’s discretion about the temperament or breed that can be social with strangers, and other dogs. We are willing to temperament test all breeds but will have a higher standard of social behavior for these breeds.

Spayed or Neutered Dogs are Welcome:
Doggie Dude Ranch boarding is for friendly spayed or neutered dogs only*. For the well-being of your dogs, please spay or neuter. Dogs are much happier in this state as they are not in breeding competition.
Exceptions: Dogs UNDER ONE YEAR may board intact (not neutered). Females in heat cannot be cared for.
Breeders: If you have a purebred dog that you are planning to breed we will CHECK CAREFULLY for untolerated behavior on the FIRST VISIT. But, be aware that we may have to limit these dogs from high traffic times with larger crowds.

If we do accept your NON-NEUTERED DOG we do NOT accept any liability for your dog. FREE PLAY BOARDING IS REALLY BEST WHEN ALL DOGS ARE NEUTERED OR SPAYED (See Limited Liability Boarding Agreement) For more info on spaying and neutering contact your vet or Spay Arkansas Spaying or neutering is best for your dog’s health, and can help your dog maintain good behavior in social settings. WE SAY SPAY! Consult your veterinarian if you have any questions and ask for her recommendations.
*If your dog is approved by special permission to board without being neutered there are no discounts and extra charges may apply.

Feeding and Medicine:
Our prices include dog food. We feed a high quality kibble that is suitable for dogs of all ages and activity levels. If your dog is used to a diet you feed consistently, bring that diet regimen for the stay. If not you can let them eat our yummy food that dogs usually love and digest well. We offer feed morning and afternoon adventure walks. No one goes hungry here. *We feed 4-star rated Diamond Dog Foods. Treats are shared and provided. We are happy to feed your dog’s diet, just provide the meals pre-packaged or just enough food for the stay. We can’t store large containers or large bags of food. NO scoops or bowls please.
ABOUT MEDICINE OR TREATMENTS: The charge is $2.50-$5/per day per medicine (NOT PER DOSE) or treatment depending on the nature of administering.

Additional Charges and Damages:
Our Staff works hard to maintain a schedule conducive to all the dogs attending the Ranch. Therefore, we have required time windows for drop off and pick up. If you let us know the time you’d like to drop off or pick up within the following windows, it will save you time when you get here. Owners are required to pay for all damages to property, people or other dogs.


“Our dog loves going to the dude ranch so much. He always gets so excited when he sees us pull up. The staff are so friendly, and they really get to know the pups. There’s lots of space for the dogs to roam, and they get to go on multiple adventure walks each day.”

N. Rowan

Hours & Rates

Open Daily 7am to 6pm

(Overnights Available)

Monday 7–9AM, 4–6PM
Tuesday 7–9AM, 4–6PM *
Wednesday 7–9AM, 4–6PM
Thursday 7-9AM, 4-6PM
Friday 7–9AM, 4–6PM *
Saturday 7–9AM, 4–6PM
Sunday 4–6PM

*Orientation Dates available (or call 479-283-6709 for other available days)

Adventure Dog Care 365 days per year

Drop off and pick up by appointment 7-9am or 4-6pm)

Our Daily Schedule for pick up or drop-offs are:
Morning 7-10 am (no Sunday morning d/o or p/u)
Afternoon 4-6 pm

We prefer morning drop offs 7-9 am, no extra charge; morning pick ups by 9 am, no extra charge.

Afternoon pick up times (4-6 pm) incur $19 discount day care fee, latest morning pick up is 10 am

Pick up and drop off times BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, 7 days a week. NOTE: We prefer morning drop-offs so your dog gets more time to get oriented to the staff and dogs they will be staying with at the Ranch. And it is a free day of dog play! All afternoon pick ups are charged a discount day care charge.

Late Pickup: There is an automatic $20 late fee if you are late picking up your dog. For morning pick up, you must be here by 10 am. We close at 6pm and expect owners to plan accordingly when doing an afternoon pick up between 4 and 6 pm.

Changes to Your Reservation with Early Pick up or Cancellations:
Early pick up is fine, just call to let us know changes as soon as you can. No refunds are available for cancellations or early pickups.

Refund Policy:
No refunds are available once your invoice is paid. All invoice payments are due 3 days before the drop off date for boarding stay.

CURRENT** DOG CARE RATES effective October 2022 

Daycare (7 am-6 pm): $29/dog
Overnight Boarding:

  • 1-2 Nights and Holidays, $47/night per dog
  • 3-6 Nights, $45/night per dog
  • 7+ Nights, $44/night per dog
  • Small dogs 10-25 lbs $43/night per dog, we do not keep dogs weighing 10 lb. or less.
    **All services are subject to local sales tax

meet us in east Fayetteville at the MANA Clinic, Medical Arts, Rolling Pin Café parking lot behind the Arvest ATM (by appointment only for existing clients)

Long term 30+ rates available, special terms may apply