Getting your dog ready for free-play boarding

Dog Socialization

Dogs that are socialized with other dogs and humans can be more adaptable in a variety of environments and settings. But socialization, like training takes some thoughtful planning and execution.The earlier you expose your dog to new safe places where their needs can be met will lead them to trust people and learn how to interact with other dogs in new settings.   

Doggie Dude Ranch is a good place to let your dog get used to being in a dog-focused scenario where they are supervised in small (5-8 dogs) groups, and allowed to meet, smell and respond to handlers. Our methods involve controlled activities like group walking (on leash) to areas around the ranch where there are no other dogs, cows, fences or people. Just birds, squirrels, trees and streams. Time alone for eating and rest, and cozy indoor area to get out of the elements.  

Your Dog’s Care

Our business is your dog’s happiness and well-being while she is here.  We spend about 5 hours a day in active interaction with the dog groups.  We are focused on socialization, leash walking and responses to our commands to leash up, come into the bunkhouse to rest or eat, and to trust our handlers with their favorite activities.  We love all breeds, and ages and our care is catering to each dogs needs in attention and exercise.  Couch potatoes welcome too!

Please be specific when you fill out your Dog’s Profile about your dog’s temperament and experience and problems so we can help them stay their best selves while you are away.

Please understand that during the orientation day we are looking for dogs who respond well to the situation here.  Don’t judge your dog by how he responds to other dogs when leashed up by your side.  But give him as many chances to meet others to prepare him to be a Doggie Dude Ranch dog.

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