Dog Daycare

Available Monday Through Sat from 7am-6pm
By Appointment

*Open to all dogs who have attended Orientation Day (First Visit)


Play days at the ranch start early, so get your dog ready for a full day of exercise and fun in the country.  Breakfast is 7:30-8:30 am.  Next, group walks on the leash with 2-4 dogs getting out of the ranch to explore the countryside that surrounds our beautifully isolated location.  The dogs will get two adventure walks around the creek and meadows surrounding us,  20+ acres to explore with friends.   This gives them a full dose of smells that both stimulate and calm them.  Then we organize the play groups according to energy level and temperament.  The dog play that ensues after the adventure walks is supervised and each dog is placed where s/he can play and rest through the middle of the day.  Smaller dogs are usually grouped indoors and have social space to play and rest. 


Pretty much a replay of our morning activities.  PM feeding 3:30-4pm, then it time to leash up and go out to the wilds beyond the yard again for afternoon sniffing and walking adventures. 


DOG DAY CARE is $27 per dog plus sales tax

ORIENTATION DAY is $19 per dog plus sales tax.