The only thing required is a firmly fitted collar and leash. Harnesses are of limited use for us, so be sure s/he has a collar of some kind while at the ranch.  We don’t need food bowls unless they are needed to control eating too fast; no chew bones or fluffy beds. A small toy or blanket is ok to bring. We supply the dogs a clean fleece blanket and they sleep on a soft vinyl floor in the bunkhouse.

About feeding: We feed Diamond Maintenance kibble, which contains various feed grains. This food is included in our pricing.  We also give the dogs rawhide bones and other treats. Dogs do love our treats and kibble BUT IF YOUR DOG IS ON A REGULAR DIET ROUTINE or GRAIN-FREE DIET, you should most definitely bring enough food for the stay with us. Include the instructions on how much to feed.  Sudden changes in a dog’s routine diet can be hard on the dog’s stomach. Please advise us of any allergies, or special feeding requirements or restrictions. Any medications will be administered and charged per day $3-5 per day depending on the administration needed.